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I'll make a beast out of myself

Gets rid of all the pain of being a man

J.Ohnny C.Hrist
21 March
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I'm Char, or Cher, or Cherizzle. I live in Calgary, and I'm pretty much stuck here until I graduate in another 2 years. I'm shallow, bouncy, loud, and obsessive. I'm guarenteed to annoy the hell out of you when stuck with me for longer than 2 hours. I go through jorunal names, obsessions, and converse shoes like Tre Cool goes through groupies.
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Currently listening to;
The Used, Green Day, McFly, and Avenged Sevenfold
Currently RP-ing; Tony Lovato, Bert McCracken
Currently owning; adick_icons adickted_pics (Simple Plan pictures) I co-mod adick_icons with my best friend; Beanzvengeancezacky I also own an RP community over at gj: longview_, and an icon community; swingit
Currently in love with; Bert McCracken, Dougie Poynter, your mom
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Concerts coming up; Warped Tour July 14th, Good Charlotte/Social Code July 16th, Abba Tribute July 12th, Kalan Porter July 17th, The Used September 20th, Bleed The Dream August 28th, Backstreet Boys September 5th

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Sonny Moore